Posture Corrector for Women Chest Back Support

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Posture Corrector from Acixo with extra comfortable design, gives you the proper compression to your back and chest, which is helpful to prevent hunchback or slouching and alleviate pain and discomfort.

Our unique design gently guides your body into better posture, without feeling restrictive. It gives effective assistance without sacrificing freedom of movement.

316 reviews for Posture Corrector for Women Chest Back Support

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  1. nice

  2. This product helps so much with back posture. I have a lot of back pain from slouching in general. I often times forget just how bad my posture is. This posture corrector helps alleviate the pain that I get from all of the slouching I’ve done, and also has been helping me to correct how I sit and stand.

  3. I’ve been having a lot of headaches and back pain from poor posture. I’m so glad to have found this posture aide because it’s helped me not feel so bad. It’s super easy to use, too. So many similar products seem difficult to put on, but this one just slips right on and secures closed with Velcro.

  4. This posture corrector is much better than the ones I previously owned. As much as I wanted to correct my posture, the correctors just hurt too much for me to actually use them. This one, however, is made from an elastic material which flexes and is actually comfortable to wear. it stretches to let you slouch, but applying slight pressure as a reminder. It’s easier to just keep the better posture and it makes it second nature after you’ve been wearing it for a week or so. It’s been very good. the belt helps keep tension on the armstraps. I am aware of the belt more than I’d like but it’s totally worth the benefit. I like how this one is made too. The materials seem to be high quality. The pads on the armstraps make it even more comfortable. it’s very soft. all in all a good purchase that I am happy with. Recommended.

  5. Although it’s a posture corrector but can be good enough for the people who need to sit for a long time while working, or maybe during a workout session to maintain a right posture and avoid unnecessary back pain!

  6. I liked that you can put it on by yourself! It feels great! I use it on my evening walks/ runs!

  7. Love how comfortable it is , I’m a checker at a grocery store and this has worked miracles during long work days with my posture and my back pain .

  8. I work at a computer all day and have become very slouchy. I am so excited to have the Vicorrect posture corrector to help me stand tall again. Not only am I carrying my head high, but I’m doing it in comfort!

  9. I have gotten the basic corrector that only has straps over your shoulders and this one works better.

  10. I’m a small woman, 5’3″, 100 lbs. and this brace fits really well and is reasonably comfortable. It doesn’t exactly force me into better posture but with it properly fitted on me, I’d say it “encourages” a straighter back along with holding my shoulders back. It’s well-constructed with high quality materials. The only drawback is if I wear it with a sleeveless top, the edges – although pliable – irritate the skin around my armpits.

  11. Buenisimo me ha ayudado mucho con mi dolor de espalda.

  12. Works wonders. It has helped me with my back pain.

  13. I love this product. It’s very comfortable and is helping me keep my back straight. Plan on buying one for my friend.

  14. The Posture corrector is help my son reduce the habit of hunching the back.Especially nowadays The straps is easy to put on and off.It had been a few week my son wear it and seen a noticeable different in his posture

  15. I notice myself sitting with my shoulders back while driving, sitting on the couch, even standing up from using it for about a week. Sometimes your muscles are sore but that’s a way to tell it’s working. Interested to see how it will be in a month or more

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